Chandrayaan-3 Landing Time

Isro may delay the soft landing of Chandrayaan 3 until August 27 depending on the condition of the lander module, according to officials of Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live Updates: Chandrayaan-3 is set to land on the moon tomorrow at around 6.04 pm. The spacecraft is now just a day away from its final destination, the moon’s south pole. Isro chairman S Somanath has exuded confidence of a successful soft-landing. He said that the confidence stems from all the preparations ahead of the launch and the hitch-free progress made by the integrated module and the landing module in their journey to Moon.

A day to go! Chandrayaan-3 gets ready to make history with soft-landing on Moon’s surface

ISRO’s ambitious third Moon mission Chandrayaan-3’s Lander Module (LM) is all set to land on the lunar surface on Wednesday evening, as India eyes to become the first country to reach the uncharted south pole of Earth’s only natural satellite. The LM comprising the lander (Vikram) and the rover (Pragyan), is scheduled to make a touch down near the south polar region of the Moon at 6:04 pm on Wednesday. If the Chandrayaan-3 mission succeeds in making a touchdown on moon and in landing a robotic lunar rover in ISRO’s second attempt in four years, India will become the fourth country to master the technology of soft-landing on the lunar surface after the US, China and the erstwhile Soviet Union. Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-on mission to Chandrayaan-2 and its objectives are to demonstrate safe and soft-landing on the lunar surface, roving on the Moon, and to conduct in-situ scientific experiments. Chandrayaan-2 had failed in its lunar phase when its lander ‘Vikram’ crashed into the surface of the Moon following anomalies in the braking system in the lander while attempting a touch down on September 7, 2019. Chandrayaan’s maiden mission was in 2008. The Rs 600 crore Chandrayaan-3 mission was launched on July 14 onboard Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM-3) rocket, for a 41-day voyage to reach near the lunar south pole. The soft-landing is being attempted days after Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crashed into the Moon after spinning out of control.

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