Tamil Nadu: 10 People Were Killed and 20 Were Injured In A Train Fire in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

In the early hours of Saturday, a fire broke out in a tourist train that was parked on Bodi Lane close to the Madurai railway station, leaving ten people dead and more than 20 injured, according to news agency PTI. According to the report, bodies have been transported to the Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai, and rescue efforts are under way.

According to authorities, the fire started when a passenger lit a gas burner to prepare coffee.
“This morning around 5:30 am, a coach that was stopped at Madurai Railway Station caught fire. Pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh were traveling in it. The gas cylinder exploded when they turned on the gas stove to make coffee. We have so far recovered nine bodies,” Madurai District Collector MS Sangeetha told PTI.

In a statement, B. Guganesan, Chief Public Relations Officer, Southern Railway, said that the people in the private party coach snuck a gas cylinder into the train illegally, which started the fire. According to the official, on Friday, the Punalur-Madurai Express connected the coach at Nagercoil Junction and released it once it reached Madurai.

“This is a private party coach that was attached to train no. 16730 (Punalur-Madurai Exp) at Nagercoil Junction yesterday, August 25. An unattached party coach was stationed at the Madurai Stabling line. The private party coach’s passengers brought in an illegal gas cylinder, which started the fire. When the carriage caught fire, many passengers exited. According to the announcement, some passengers had descended onto the platform itself.

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